About us

Hawking International Far East Group

Hawking International Group was started in 1987 and was re-organized in 1995 to establish “Hawking International Fast East Group” in the Far East. The holding company is “Hawking International Fast East (Holding) Ltd”, holds 100% of the companies of Hawking International (HK) Ltd, Taiwan Hawking International Ltd, Hawking Fine Chemicals (Beijing) Co. Ltd., Hawking Fine Chemicals (Shanghai) Co. Ltd., Hawking Humen Office and Hawking International (Australia) Ltd.

Hawking International Far East Group is entirely engaged in the surface coating technology and products and its main staff members have devoted their life time to this profession with ample and excellent experience. The Group believes in honesty and faith in trading and only supplies superior products of their kinds for the mutual benefit of the customers and the Group. In every office of the Group, there are well equipped laboratories and experienced technical staff to ensure that the Group’s motto: “Best quality and best services” is fully accomplished. There are also warehouse in each office to ensure that the deliveries are made to customers locally in time. Due to the strategically located companies of the Group in the Asian-Pacific region, we can effectively develop our business and serve the customers.

For those business we have been handling for more than a decade are “Clearclad” electrophoretic lacquers, “Schloetter” electroplating processes and “Rohm and Haas, Deutschland” CD protective lacquers / DVD bonders and industrial spray paints. Our vast customer sectors are PCB, semi-conductors, electronics, automobiles, metal parts, spectacle frames, clocks & watches, artificial jewelleries, pens, lighters, metal photo frames, musical instruments, luggage parts, bath room fittings, window / door parts, CD, DVD, cosmetic containers, audio casing, mobile phone casing, car wheel covers, metal furniture, toys, a too long list to end!